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A New Friend

You have decided it is time to add a new puppy to your household and everyone is really excited at the prospect of the bundle of fluff’s big arrival day that is everyone but the resident dog! He or she really does not know what all the fuss is about and cannot understand the air of excitement running through the whole household and begins to wonder why another canine chum is required in the first place.

It is so easy to become caught up in the moment and overlook the fact that there is already a beautiful pooch living with you and that right now they are probably feeling a little left out.

One of the most important things to do when introducing a new puppy to a household where there is an existing dog is to always place your original canine chum at the top of the list, by this I do not mean ignore one for the other but simply carry out your daily routine with your dog first before the new pup.

When you feed them there is no reason why they cannot eat in the same room I would encourage this; just be vigilant at all times and never leave them alone together to eat their food. I have two adult dogs and even though they appear to eat well together I will never leave them as if there is going to be tension between two dogs it will generally be during feeding time.

Prior to all this taking place though you need to address the introduction period between your new puppy and your existing dog. The chances are that your pup will not be ready to go out in to the big, wide world when you first acquire him/her so the two meeting in a neutral area could be tricky. A lot depends on the character of your adult dog to be honest because if they are pretty laid back and easy going they will usually accept a puppy coming in to their domain but if they are dominant and perhaps slightly aggressive then things could prove to be interesting to say the least!

The main point of concern should be your adult dog and ensuring they are not left to feel as though their nose has been pushed out of place by a new, younger version of themselves. The secret is to offer as much praise as you possibly can to your existing dog when they meet the pup, make sure you are armed with their favourite treats and reward them when they are good and well behaved towards the puppy.

Dogs both young and old will always maintain a hierarchy system and develop their own ‘pack’ and a pecking order within that pack, this is just the natural way dogs function, they are happier knowing their place. Always keep a watchful eye out for signs of any so called bullying being pushed a bit too far and make sure that both dogs seem to be happy and settled together.

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