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A Child’s Love

There is nothing more captivating than watching a child and a puppy grow up together as the bond between them is generally unbreakable; the heart-warming sight of a teenager playing with the same, now adult dog is very rewarding. People often question which breed of dog is best to have around small children and which ones can be completely trusted, well personally I would not totally let my guard down with any breed of dog, as you can never be too careful when it comes to children and dogs, even puppies.

The problem is a child does not really comprehend that pulling the dog’s ears or tail is not just as much fun for the puppy as it is for them! Most pups will tolerate a certain amount of rough play and then discreetly crash out as if to say ‘enough is enough’ but some may not have the same level of tolerance and nip a persistent child.

You should supervise children and puppies at all times and if you have to leave the room take your child with you or pop the puppy in a playpen or puppy cage. There are numerous breeds that are always going to be deemed as more suitable for children than others such as Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and many of the mixed breeds. Breeds like Huskies, Border Collies and Malamutes are better suited to adults and older children.

Encourage your child to be actively involved with the puppy’s care and upbringing, as this will help to form a bond between the two of them, show your child how to feed, groom and exercise the pup.

If you opt for puppy classes then take your child with you, with all those cute bundles of fluff running around your child will love it! This is the perfect way for them to learn the very basics of training as even a toddler can ask a puppy to sit, whether the pup obeys of course is an entirely different story!

Ensure there is plenty of hands on from your child with the puppy but not too much rough handling or stroking, show them the correct way to be gentle and let them know that this is what the pup prefers. You should all partake in lovely walks, (only when the puppy is old enough of course), together as this is a great form of exercise for all of you. Obviously as they both mature your child should have learnt a lot of the basics concerning rough play and the pair will be fine with one another.

Just remember the best bond will come from children that spend time with the puppy whilst it, and they, are still young.

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