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A Child’s Faithful Friend

There is nothing quite like the bond between a child and their dog, it can be a wonderful relationship to observe as they both grow together. More and more families are welcoming dogs into their lives these days which is great and usually in a ‘typical’ family environment the children will spend the greater amount of time with the new dog.

So how do you teach them about their new friend’s care? The best method is to allow them to become involved in the dog’s routine, let them watch you feed your new puppy or dog and then let them do it the following day. Offering your children responsibility in this way will teach them the importance of caring for their new pal properly and how they must adhere to a firm routine of feeding times.

If your children are very young ensure that you explain the importance of feeding the correct type of food to the puppy/dog, basically let them know that dog food is fine and all other types of foods such as sweets, cakes and chocolate are not good things as they can make the dog poorly. Just because the children enjoy all the ‘wrong’ types of foods explain to them that their new found friend does not.

Explain to them how the puppy/dog requires all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from his/her food to grow properly and to remain healthy. Teach your children to always provide fresh water as their canine chum loves to drink it when it is sparkling fresh.

The children must be taught how to handle the puppy/dog gently and understand that he/she will not appreciate being stroked roughly or having their tail or ears pulled. Younger children can be over enthusiastic and keen to learn about new things, they simply want to see what happens when they pull their new puppy’s tail or ears. Obviously the pup or dog will not view things the same way and in his/her defence to feeling pain may nip or scratch the child, let them know if they treat their faithful friend with respect they will receive the same back from them.

Include the children in the dog’s exercise as they can then experience the fun involved in owning a dog but also comprehend the importance of exercise and play. It is difficult for children to see the bigger picture of looking after a puppy/dog but with our guidance we can teach them how to be responsible dog owners and enjoy a rewarding and happy relationship with their canine chum.

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