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7 Steps To Choosing The Right Breed Of Puppy

Want a puppy, but not really sure what breed? It is a problem that most of us face. There are so many of those little canines out there. All of them are so adorable, tempting you to bring them all home.Puppie

At Puppies for Sale, our pros have put together an important checklist/guide to help you choose the right breed of puppy, according to your preferences.

Keep reading, and by the time you finish we are sure you will have it all figured out:

#1-What should be the size of the dog?

Dogs are categorized from ‘mini’ to ‘small’ and all the way up to ‘giant’ sizes.

There is a plethora of breeds that come in different shapes. Consider how a small dog or a giant sized canine partner will affect your lifestyle, your budget, and your home.

#2-How much time can you dedicate daily to grooming?

The type of coat your dog has can have a huge impact on the breed’s grooming needs. Along with regular bathing, brushing and combing, some breeds need even more involved grooming. Before you decide the breed, make sure you have enough time on your hands to devote to the daily grooming needs.

#3-What type of behaviour do you expect from your dog?

Do you want it to be outgoing? Friendly? Or slightly reserved? While some breeds of dogs prefer staying calm and friendly, others are packed with a lot of energy and would ready up on the first sign of going out. Don’t forget to factor in your daily life before deciding this.

#4-Do you have children?

Training is important when introducing a pup to your family. While some breeds may be big enough to knock off small children with a friendly gesture, others may herd them. There are also breeds that are not really fans of kids.

#5-Are you good with occasional barking?

smart should the dog beAll sorts of dogs bark. However, if the idea of having a constantly barking canine buddy is off-putting, there are several calmer breeds that you can check out. You will definitely need to teach any new dog when it is okay to bark.

#6-How smart should the dog be?

Would you like it if your dog challenges you? Or at times, outsmarts you? Different breeds of dogs have different intelligence levels.

#7-How much room do you have at home?

Although the size of a dog doesn’t really matter when it comes to having room in your home, it all comes down to the breed. Some smaller dogs might be good with a yard to explore, while some larger breeds might just be okay living in an apartment.

Now that you know all the important steps to select a dog breed, time to make the decision. Browse through our collection of puppies or get in touch with us today for more information.