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Christmas Canines

Well it is that time of year again when we are all running around buying presents for the family and, if you are anything like me, the family obviously includes the dog.
The pet shops are jammed packed with goodies for your faithful friend but what are the best and safest products to purchase? Personally I prefer the range which Pedigree produce over the Christmas period, they always have a great festive selection of Christmas stockings and goodie bags available. These generally contain a vinyl Christmas based squeaky toy such as a snowman or Santa, a bag of Pedigree doggy treats and a chew of some kind.

I like the fact that you can trust the products which Pedigree produce, they also have a turkey flavoured Jumbone which they make available during the Christmas period. These are a wonderfully longer lasting chew with the advantage of being like a bone but without the risk of any splintering causing a problem to your dog.

There are a myriad of doggy toys in the shops at this time of the year from the vinyl ones to the plush ones, there are even talking Santa’s around, as if your dog will have the time to actually listen to what he has to say prior to chewing it to pieces!

Always select a toy to match your dog. If you have a Chihuahua they are hardly going to be appreciative if you hand them the biggest and heaviest dog toy you could possibly find and the same if you have a Saint Bernard they will not be interested if you present them with a tiny fluffy ball to ‘bat’ around the floor! Also consider your dog’s chewing tendencies when choosing them a toy, are they inclined to literally pull the stuffing out of toys or nicely remove the toy’s nose or ears? If they are then you need to hunt around for a longer lasting dog toy, they are out there and although they will probably cost slightly more they are well worth it if they last your dog well.

The same if you are purchasing treats for your pooch always choose for the size of your dog, the Jumbones which I mentioned previously come in a selection of sizes puposely designed for the different breed sizes. Many of the doggy chews are like this and will range from small right through to giant.

Always monitor the toys which you give your dog and check for signs of wear and tear regularly, the little squeakers in a lot of the toys will fall out easily once the toy has been lovingly chewed by your pooch. Remove them as soon as you can access them as they are a potential choking hazard for your dog.

Lastly do not overfeed your dog at Christmas just because we tend to eat far too much food over the festive holidays does not mean your dog has to do the same. Sure some turkey with his/her normal meal will not hurt or perhaps and extra doggy treat on Christmas day but just be sensible and enjoy a happy and safe Christmas with your canine chum.

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