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Puppy Agility

Before the comments begin to pour in I am not talking about ‘full-on’ agility with your puppy. A puppy’s muscles and bones have to be taken care of and it is advised that you do not begin agility properly with your puppy until he/she is a year old. The risk of structural damage to the puppy’s body is far too high and by the time they have reached a year of age their bones and muscles are fully developed and strong.
If you are hoping that your puppy will be the next agility champion it is important to introduce him/her to the world of agility whilst they are still young.

Your puppy will view this new and exciting world as one big game and this is perfect, keep it fun and interesting. There are pieces of agility equipment which can be used by your puppy at a young age such as the tunnel, the best method with this is to enlist the help of a friend who can hold your pup at one end of the tunnel. You need to stand at the other end of the tunnel and ensure that your puppy spots you, now encourage them through by calling their name and crouching down as this will make you look more inviting if you are at your puppy’s level. Have a small treat ready to reward them with when they reach you.

Another piece of equipment, called the ‘Dog Walk’ is great for puppy’s to have a go on. It is basically three planks of wood consisting of a central plank resting on two ‘trestles’ with a plank running up to it on either end. You can build your own very easily as the planks of wood can be supported by any material, even bricks or similar as long as they are safe and secure.

To begin with simply place a plank of wood directly onto the ground and encourage your puppy to ‘walk the plank’ once they have mastered this you can progress by raising the plank slightly off the ground and persuading your puppy to make their way across it again. Then you can add on the two end pieces and acclimatize your puppy to the sensation of walking up and down the slopes. Do not go too high, keep it safe.

Another important command for your puppy to learn is the ‘send away’ and you can begin this training by placing a tasty treat on a plate or similar approximately a foot away from your puppy. Hold your pup and when he/she is literally squirming with delight and eager to reach the treat release them and say, ‘away’ or ‘out’ when they have devoured the treat praise them. Now you can move the treat further away from your puppy and also add a twist by not always making him/her run straight, send them away on a curve just to change things slightly.

Find your local agility group and take your puppy along to meet everybody, ask if you can literally simply sit and watch the course. There is no better location to learn what is involved in the world of canine agility than in an actual class observing the adult dogs doing what they do best.

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